Points to Consider When Undertaking Bathroom Modification for Seniors or Elderly Users

As a person ages, their strength and mobility reduces. This leads to a person facing challenges around their own home when it comes to completing simple daily tasks.

Ultimately, this can lead to the person losing their independence and creates a feeling of lack of self-confidence and dignity. Especially when the person becomes reliant on a third-person such as a carer to take care of them.

The bathroom is one such area. Given that a person is used to undertaking personal hygiene activities in their own private space, the presence of a third-person can have a serious impact on their morale and self-esteem.

But all hope is not lost, depending on the mobility issues of a person there are some simple bathroom modifications that can be undertaken in order to help users independently perform daily tasks thus boosting their self-confidence.

Understanding the person’s mobility levels or issues: This is the first step to modifying the bathroom so as to make it safe for the user. Getting a professional opinion from someone who is an occupational therapist is very important. An occupational therapist can assess the person’s needs and the space in order to make suggestions on the modifications that could potentially help the user regain or maintain their independence.

Safety First: Make sure that you make safety a priority when remodelling a bathroom or any other area of the house in order to make it more senior-friendly.

Finding an Economical Solution: Once you have assessed the needs of the user, ensure that you know what type of daily living aids or bath and toilet aids are available in the marketplace. E.g. rather than changing your toilet suite, you could simply get a raised toilet seat to make the toilet more senior or mobility-impaired friendly. 

Shopping for Daily Living Aids: Once you know the modifications that need to be undertaken and if these include a list of daily living aids or bathroom aids, then make sure you buy the best quality option in the market. And the one that best meets your needs. There are plenty of buying guides available online that help you navigate through the purchase process. Make sure you read these prior to purchasing the bathroom aids.

Get a Professional Tradesman for Installation: Given that safety comes first, it is best you get a professional tradesman involved to install the independent living aid in question. The last thing you want is a grab bar snapping off when a person has put all of their body weight on it. 

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